Welcome to the Arlington Water Utilities Online Leak Adjustment Application Form The Leak Adjustment form can be used to see if your water account qualifies for an adjustment, and then submit the application to the Water Utilities department for completion. To be eligible for a leak adjustment, your water account must meet the following criteria: - Your account must be a Residential account. - The water usage for the requested time period must be at least twice the average usage of the same time periods over the past three years. If three years of data are not available, the water usage must be at least twice the City Of Arlington average. - No previous adjustment within the past 2 years. - The requested adjustment can only be for usage during the past 90 days, and only be for two consecutive months. To see if you are eligible for a leak adjustment, please complete the fields below and click 'Check Eligibility'. Water Account Number: Month Of First Bill: Month Of Second Bill: