Welcome to the Arlington Water Utilities Online Construction Meter Portal To apply for a City Of Arlington Water Utilities Fire Hydrant Construction Meter Account, please complete the application below. (Fields marked with an * are required) *Company Name: *Tax ID Number: *Name Of Representative: *Representative's Title: *Representative's Phone: *Billing Contact: *Billing Email: *Project Manager Email: *Project Manager Phone: Fax Number: *Mailing Address: *Mailing City: *Mailing State: *Mailing Zip: *Project Address: *Hydrant Location: *Project Type: *Date Needed: *Pickup Location: Deposit Amount: Activation Fee: Backflow Assembly Registration: Total: $950.00 $212.93 $43.80 $1206.73 **NOTE: Payment accepted via Cash, Check, or Money Order made payable to Arlington Utilities** Hereby makes application to the Director of Utilities of the Water Utilities Department of the City of Arlington for the issuance of a water meter to be used to meter water withdrawn from fire hydrants of the City of Arlington for water usage in accordance with the ordinances and policies of the City of Arlington, Texas.
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**NOTE: The City requires an approved reduced pressure backflow prevention assembly (RPZ) be installed and certified by a State of Texas-licensed backflow prevention assembly tester (BPAT) who is registered with the Arlington Water Utilities, prior to any water use from a fire hydrant meter.** *Project City: